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FacebookWelcome to Stories for Lipreading

We're lucky enough to have lots of wonderful stories in the pipeline for 2021, so we're not accepting further submissions at the moment.
Watch this space for further information!

Do you have hearing loss?  Are you looking or somewhere to practise your lipreading skills?

If so, you've come to the right place.

This website provides videos of stories being read aloud, so that you can practise your lipreading skills and enjoy some good writing at the same time. You can print out the scripts to help you: for more details, see our How to Use page.

Who is the website for?

Our stories are not aimed at beginners to lipreading. This site may be ideal for you if:

Bullet   You've attended a lipreading class in the past and want to brush up your skills.

Bullet  You're still attending a class but want to be able to practise in your own time.

Bullet  You've been looking for a lipreading class to attend and can't find one, in which case you might want to check out our Useful Links page for further information about classes in your area.

However, if you've had hearing loss for some time you may have developed some lipreading skills without realising it. So feel free to have a go. You’ve got nothing to lose.   Not ready for that yet?  Have a look at our Useful Links page to find out where you can access an online beginner’s course.

We’re not aiming to teach you to lipread.  Our aim is to give you the chance to practise lipreading longer phrases spoken by someone you can pause and rewind if you lose the thread.  If only life was like that!

We hope you enjoy lipreading the stories as much as we’ve enjoyed choosing them.

Who are we?

Find out more about us here, and find out how we started here.
See what Action on Hearing Loss say about us here and more here.
And for a great write-up in ‘The People’s Friend’ magazine, see here.

Queries and feedback are welcome at info@storiesforlipreading.org.uk

Please feel free to share and copy the material on this website: we do not charge if the material is used for not-for-profit purposes. However, we would ask that you credit Stories for Lipreading and our authors on any material that you share.