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All the story videos and the documents which accompany them are available in the Story Store. For each story, you will find two PDF files: one gives you the full transcript of the story (‘The Story’) and the other, ‘The Context’, gives you useful words and phrases from the story to get you started. (For more details, see below.)

Each video lasts for between 2 and 5 minutes (approx).  Some tell a complete short story or joke.  Longer stories are split into several 5 minute episodes.

You can listen with the sound on or off. You can also adjust the playback speed using the YouTube controls. Subtitles are provided by YouTube; you can turn them on or off.



Lipreading requires concentration, which is tiring, so pace yourself and don’t give up if you get lost.  You can rewind, look at the transcript and try again.

Lipreading with no context (i.e. when you don’t know the subject) is extremely challenging. So, before you play each story, we recommend clicking on ‘The Context’ link with the video which will give you the scenario and a list of key words, names and places from that story.  It should give you enough to get started, but if you’d rather read the whole story first, click on ‘The Story’ for the full transcript.

Lipreaders don’t ‘see’ every word.  So don’t worry if sometimes you feel you’re just picking out enough to get the gist of the story. This is often what lipreaders do.

Finally, you will find some people easier to lipread than others - if you have hearing loss you know that already! Our story readers have been chosen because they have good ‘lip shapes’ but if you struggle with one, try another.

If you have any more questions, go to our FAQ's page.         Happy Lipreading!